1. Tie Edessä

From the recording The Road Ahead

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I wrote Tie Edessä ('the road ahead' in Finnish) the day I finished my integration course. From January until November 2020, I spent 35 hours a week studying Finnish full time. I worked really hard and managed to obtain (and exceed) the language levels I was working towards for the end of the course. I returned home, with overwhelming emotion, and recorded this song completely acapella. The lyrics flowed out naturally, and I built the music around it afterwards.


I see frozen waves as I feel frozen winds,
Reminding me that I am alive
In front of my eyes, there's a path up ahead,
My future is waiting for me...

Minne tämä tie johtaa minut?
Pitkän matkan oon matkustanut
Haluan tietää mikä minua odottaa,
Tie edessä on ainoa...
Tie edessä on ainoa