1. munday

From the recording The Road Ahead

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I wrote munday during late 2020, when I was stuck in what felt to be a perpetual state of mundanity. When I make music, I often approach the process by drawing out the otherworldly beauty in nature, emotions, the universe and other such larger and deep concepts. However, that didn't really reflect the reality of things for me in the moment of working on this. Before a creator, I am a human, and no human is immune to the mundanity of day-to-day life, whether it be in the form of boredom, or through a deeper depressive slump. The year of 2020, with its global pandemic, as well as a change of lifestyle as the world went into lockdowns, definitely saw a lot my life feeling very mundane and not all that positive. My perception of time has been so strange, I've sometimes experienced its passing this year in a numb daze. Weeks go by, yet it feels like days, with barely any energy to create or do much of anything at all. Perhaps this is a reality that many of us are able to relate to.


day starts
hello google
what's the time?

alone again
without you
but the day has yet
to really begin

time to pry myself
from under these sheets
i have a life to live
but no people to meet

stick the kettle on
open the fridge
to nothing appealing
close the fridge

the water is ready
the coffee is done
i drink it down quickly
the rise of the sun

another day