From the recording The Road Ahead

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The Elvenking's Prayer, written, composed and performed by Jordi in 2018. Sindarin lyrics translated by Peter Crijns.

A big thank you also to Peter in helping me construct the story of this song. The story was based on the lore of the LotR from the perspective of Thranduil, the Elvenking, who resides in the Mirkwood with the elves. Sauron's presence has filled the Mirkwood but for the north and for hundreds of years, they've managed to defend themselves, just about. Thranduil sends his son Legolas to Imladris to put a final end to the darkness.


I auth cýra
(The war renews)

Morn ui charon sêdh hî
(Darkness from the south rests now)

Ach rû dandolatha
(But soon it will return)

Beriathab i noss vîn
(We will protect our people)

Beriathof i vaeth bîn
(We will defend our struggle)

Ai, gûr e-daur, togo na len i galad bîn
(Ah, heart of the forest, take with you our light)

Sílo trî vorn fo garnen
(Shine through darkness before it is done)

Berio ven
(Protect us)

Maetho aphen
(Fight for us)

Dandolo ammen
(Return to us)