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To the Clouds is my way of memorialising the best summer of my life so far, surrounded by the beautiful Finnish nature and embraced by wonderful people and a loving culture. With each day I spent there, I felt that was further enriched and it was a very precious time and experience that inspired me both emotionally and musically.

In 2018, I had accidentally entered two competitions on the website 'Newgrounds'; The NGUAC 2018 (Newgrounds Underdog Audio Contest) and the NGADM 2018 (Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch) where I've placed third in 2013 and 2017. I managed to get into the final of both of these contests whilst I was in Finland and wrote and recorded both of my individual pieces, 'To The Clouds' and 'Yötön Yö' during my trip; both of these songs won me each competition and I feel it was the positivity and beauty surrounding me that gave me the strength to win the two biggest yearly musical competitions on Newgrounds.

I left feeling very blessed and returned over the Christmas period for the most special Christmas and New Year of my life.